SPHINOX® Defenda

SPHINOX® Defenda

SPHINOX® Defenda

SPHINOX® Defenda is an innovative bioactive sphingolipid that offers a multifunctional product for holistic skin protection. The product has anti- oxidative properties with a special efficacy in DNA protection. Positive effects on sun-stressed skin could be shown in vivo. Overall, this ingredient can protect the skin from sun-induced premature aging.

SPHINOX® Defenda is based on skin-identical Phytosphingosine acylated with an omega hydroxy fatty acid with a short chain length. Such structures fit into the category of omega-hydroxy Ceramides (Ceramide OP).

This ingredient is partly water-soluble and partly soluble in polar emollients.

Preparation of O/W emulsions: This ingredient should be added to the water phase of the emulsion. Then the emulsion is prepared in the usual way. If the addition to the water phase is not possible it is recommended to add the  to the oil phase.

Preparation of W/O emulsions: SPHINOX® Defenda is not compatible with electrolytes typically used for the stabilizing of W/O emulsions like Sodium Chloride or Magnesium Sulfate. Therefore, we recommend to add it to the oil phase. Then the emulsion is prepared in the usual way.

This ingredient might decrease the stability of W/O emulsions. This can be avoided by increasing the concentration of the W/O emulsifier. SPHINOX® Defenda needs to be processed hot.


  • Protecting and soothing face care creams and moisturizer
  • After-sun products
  • Serums and tonics
  • Regenerating and protecting mask
  • Recommended use concentration: 0.02% – 0.2%

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative bioactive sphingolipid
  • Protects the skin from UV induced DNA damage
  • Fights environmental aggressions
  • Accelerates skin regeneration due to DNA protection
  • Daylight defence on a cellular (DNA) level
  • Re-balances skin tone after summer stress

SPHINOX® Defenda













INCI: Hydroxybutyroyl Phytosphingosine (proposed)

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