Creamy Body Wash

This Creamy Body Wash is a simple body wash with a creamy skin feel due to the inclusion of Agenaflo 9050, a hydrophobically modified waxy corn starch. The addition of Agenaflo 9050 creates small, dense foam and as a result, is much creamier.

Agenaflo 9050 is a lipophilic, hydrophobically modified, waxy corn starch that is an aluminum-free alternative to ”aluminum starch octenylsuccinate”. This ingredient absorbs excess moisture and sebum without whitening. It reduces tackiness and greasiness while giving skin a velvety appearance. Agenaflo 9050 also helps stabilize emulsions.

This Creamy Body Wash also contains the ingredient TEGO® Betain F KB 5 which is an extra mild amphoteric surfactant blend for very mild formulations. Gives a mild re-fatting effect on skin and hair and exhibits good thickening properties. Low viscosity aqueous solution (pumpable) of high purity. Its good re-fatting properties make it a good additive for skin caring liquid soaps, shower and bath preparations.

Fase Ingrediente INCI % w/w
 A Water 65.48
Agenaflo 9050 Corn Starch Modified 5.00
 B Xanthan Gum 1.00
 C Sodium Laureth Sulfate 20.00
TEGO® Betain F KB 5 Cocamidopropyl Betaine 6.65
Preservative 0.50


Procedimiento para Creamy Body Wash

  1. Premix phase A until homogenous.
  2. Add phase B to phase A mixing until fully hydrated.
  3. Add phase C in order mixing until homogenous between each addition.

Creamy Body Wash

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