Conditioning Hand Sanitizer Gel – 65% Ethanol 

Keep your hands clean and conditioned with this Conditioning Hand Sanitizer Gel – 65% Ethanol!

This formulation features dermofeel® Sensolv MB which is a fast-spreading, polar oil component with silicon-like sensory properties for skin and hair care products. In skincare, it provides an elegant, light, and velvety sensory profile. It is a clear, low-viscous, and nonsticky emollient that increases the spreadability of emulsions. This ingredient is a 100% vegetable-based raw material. This ingredient also has an anti-static effect and high SPF formulations are feasible due to its very good solubilization of crystalline UV filters.

Fase Ingrediente INCI % w / w
TO Aqua 30.3
Butylene Glycol 3.0
Ethanol 20.0
Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride 1.2
Citric Acid and Water qs
B Ethanol 45.0
dermofeel® Sensolv MB Isoamyl laurate 0.5
C Sodium Hydroxide, 50% Water and Sodium Hydroxide qs


Procedimiento para Conditioning Hand Sanitizer Gel – 65% Ethanol 

  1. Add Water, Brontide, and 20% Ethanol to the vessel and begin mixing to create a vortex

  2. Slowly add Jaguar HP 120 COS COS and mix for 15 minutes

  3. Adjust pH to 4.0-4.5 with citric acid. Mix for another 20-30 minutes to fully hydrate

  4. Premix Phase B in a separate vessel

  5. Gradually add Phase B into Phase A and mix until homogeneous

  6. Adjust pH to 5.0-7.0 using Sodium Hydroxide solution

Conditioning Hand Sanitizer Gel - 65% Ethanol 

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Conditioning Hand Sanitizer Gel – 65% Ethanol