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EpiFytosomes™ is the new natural liposomes that address epigenetics – the next generation delivery system of dietary supplements.

Liposomes are tiny capsules made of a phospholipid bilayer encasing water soluble active components, such as vitamin C or MSM. The advantages of the liposomal delivery system are numerous, including:

  • Protects the active ingredient from oxidation
  • Increases bio-absorption and efficacy of the active ingredient or nutrient
  • Provides active nutrients from the phospholipids

Epigenetic products can change the genetic expression of our genes and trigger a change in our body’s biology. Our sunflower based EpiFytosomes are made from the most exclusive phospholipids available. This ensures maximum efficacy. EpiFytosomes can be used as dietary supplements or ingredients in cosmetic and skin care products.

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