Rice Lotion

This Rice Lotion is a gel that gives the appearance of being an emulsion. It nourishes the skin while leaving it feeling silky smooth!

The formulation features Reisista Natural which is a Rice starch that has been used in two ways to show its versatility. It is firstly added into phase B where it is added and then heated to cook out the starch and create a clear, light gel. It is then added below 40 ° C to retain the powdery, silky skin feel.

Reisita Natural is used after emulsification / hot processing (below 40 ° C) for aesthetic modification (feel, tack reduction, etc). Also, it is added to the water phase prior to heating, to provide thickening and rheology modification to the formula. It can also be used to create pickering emulsions.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name %
 TO Toilet 90.30
 B Reisita Natural Oryza Sativa Starch 2.50
Xanthan Gum 1.00
 C Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin 0.70
Reisita Natural Oryza Sativa Starch 5.00
Fragrance 0.50


Procedure for Rice Lotion

  1. Premix phase B and add to phase A mixing until homogenous.
  2. Heat phase A at 75 ° C.
  3. Cool batch with stirring to 40 ° C.
  4. Add phase C mixing until homogeneous between each addition.

Rice lotion


Formulation No. UK 7476