No-Rinse Everyday Refresher

These No-Rinse Everyday Refresher are on-the-go wipes for hair refreshing on rush days, without any water.

This No-Rinse Everyday Refresher formulation features the following ingredients:

  • TEGODEO® CW 90 E – Highly effective odour absorber based on the zinc salt of ricinoleic acid.
  • RHEANCE® One – A break-through in natural cleansing, offering powerful cleansing and effective solubilization of essential oils, fragrances and flavors, and excellent skin compatibility.
  • Verstatil® MBO – The tailor-made blend for the efficient preservation of wet wipes. This ingredient possesses a powerful, broad-spectrum efficacy while being easy to handle, economic, and flexible.
Fase Ingrediente INCI %
A TEGODEO® CW 90 E Zinc Ricinoleate; Tetrahydroxypropyl Ethylenediamine; Laureth-3; Propylene Glycol 1.00
TEGOSOFT® PC 41 MB Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate 4.00
B RHEANCE® One Glycolipids 2.00
Perfume 0.10
C Water ad 100
Glycerin 3.00
D Citric Acid (30% sol in water) q.s.
Verstatil® MBO Methylpropanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Benzoic Acid 1.20


Procedure for No-Rinse Everyday Refresher

  1. Mix phase A until completely solubilized.
  2. Mix phase B and add to phase A.
  3. Add phase C slowly to A+B.
  4. Add phase D and mix well.

No-Rinse Everyday Refresher













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No-Rinse Everyday Refresher Formulación No. IA 10/18-07